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Frequently Asked Questions

What are our hours of operation?


Do children need to pay?

If your child is UNDER two years of age, then they do not need to pay. If your child is TWO AND OVER, then they need to pay the same price as adults. 

Is there a senior discount?

Unfortunately, there is NO senior discount. Seniors have to pay the same price as adults and children TWO AND OVER.

Are there group or family discounts/rates?


Do we purchase tickets in person or online?

Pumpkin Express Train (Day Train) – There are NO online tickets. You must come to the train station to purchase tickets. 

Scream Train (Night Train) – There are two methods to purchase tickets: ONLINE and IN-PERSON. We will have TWO lineups at night. One lineup will be on the floor for ONLINE tickets, and the other lineup will be at the front door, for WALK-IN tickets (in-person tickets).

NOTE: If you are planning to purchase walk-in (in-person) tickets, please expect there to be a wait, as we prioritize online tickets first.



Do I need to print my online tickets?

No, you will receive two emails when purchasing your tickets online. It is the SECOND email you need to show one of the staff members upon entering the station. If you cannot find the second email, please check either your spam or junk email, as some emails get directed there. 

Are we closed if it rains?

Pumpkin Express Train (Day Train) and Scream Train (Night Train) – No, we are open even if it rains, unless there is a bad thunderstorm, we will post on our website: 

Can we use our night train tickets for another night if we are unable to make it?

If the night train is closed for the night you have purchased your tickets due to poor weather conditions, you can use your tickets for a different night, and well will happily accommodate you.

Do we accept access cards?

Yes, we do! Upon purchasing your tickets, please show us the card and we will happily accommodate you and your family!

What methods of payments do we accept?

We accept both cash and card payments!

NOTE: we do NOT accept American Express

Is the night train scary?

This is dependent on the certain individual and child and what you consider to be “scary.” 

NOTE: If you purchase your tickets, either online or in-person, there are NO REFUNDS, despite if whether the child or individual is scared. 




Trick or treat yo' self.

Bear Creek Train and Mini Golf.

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